Last Fast Ride: The Life, Love, and Death of a Punk Goddess

The Boston LGBT Film Fest is showing a great documentary on the life of Marian Anderson. You may not recognize her by name, but her story is tragic, inspiring, and familiar. It will be playing at the Brattle Theater on May 12 at 9pm. Be sure to buy your tickets.

Here is the description of the film from The Boston LGBT Film Fest

An intense look at the life of a punk rock star who died before her time. If you were part of any punk scene in the early nineties, be in in SF, Boston, or Providence, you knew someone like Marian Anderson: driven, talented, sexy, and troubled. Please join us for this astounding documentary that shines a light on a musician who burned bright but all too briefly. Singer, model, dominatrix, prostitute, bisexual, drug addict, insane, intense, beautiful, loyal, genuine, selfless, tough, sweet, violent–all words used to describe Marian Anderson. Last Fast Ride–The Life, Love and Death of a Punk Goddess, is a compelling portrait of a tragic life. Marian Anderson, beautiful, talented and loved, was plagued by sexual abuse, mental illness and self-destruction. Narrated by punk legend and actor Henry Rollins, the film covers Marian’s idyllic youth, her tormented adolescence and dangerous adult life. (Description courtesy of Slamdance Film Festival.)

For more info go HERE.